Blueberry, Basil, and Goat Cheese Pie {Delicious Dessert}

If it weren’t for my DVR I would not have been able to make this deliciousness. I was home one night about 18 months ago (I remember specifically because I was pregnant with Poppy) and I was watching one of my favorite Foodnetwork shows; Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. On the episode they went to a diner that made all sorts of unique things, one of which was a Blueberry, Basil, and Goat Cheese pie. I know it might sound odd. Actually, to me it just sounds delicious. But to others, it might sound odd. As with most of these episodes they showed the Chef making the item, in this case the pie, but they don’t provide the exact measurements or recipe. Bummer! I promptly ran to my computer and began searching for the recipe. I couldn’t find it anywhere. I was so disappointed. And than I remembered I could rewind the episode and just watch really closely to get an idea of the amounts of the ingredients. I must have watched that portion of the segment about 20 times over and over. I was confident I had a good idea of how much of each ingredient to use. So, a few days later I gave it a shot. Since I never had the original I had nothing to base mine on, but if I had to guess, I’d say it was pretty spot-on! I’ve made this pie a few times now and each time the measurements vary because I hadn’t found an exact recipe for it… until now! That’s right. I finally found the recipe. Thanks,! I still didn’t follow it precisely and it turned out tasty as usual. However, I would make one change for the future bake-sessions; pre-bake the pie crust. I didn’t make mine fresh due to lack of time so I used a frozen pie crust I just thawed and unrolled. Whether I make my own or use a pre-made next time, I’ll definitely bake it first because I think a crispy bottom crust would perfect this pie!

Here is the link to the recipe:

I STRONGLY suggest you try it out. It is so good with all of it’s surprising combinations. I am not a pie fan but this pie…holy moly!




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