Chicken Enchilada Soup { Yummy Pin of the Day}

Let’s all take a moment and thank Pinterest.

Thank You!

I am quite certain that my experimenting with recipes has increased exponentially thanks to the wonderful Pinterest. I love finding fun new recipes; especially easy ones! What’s really awesome about finding recipes there is that so many of them are from fellow bloggers, moms, wives, and just simple cooks = NOT fancy chefs! Although I do enjoy testing my skills, easy dinner recipes are perfect for the work-week.

With this cold weather and a house full of sickies (mommy. daddy. Poppy) soup sounded ideal. But, a hearty soup is crucial for my hubs. I found a Chicken Enchilada Soup from

I didn’t veer too far off course aside from using stewed tomatoes vs diced tomatoes – based solely on what was on hand. I diced up the chicken after I cooked it because I didn’t see where it said to do otherwise. I also didn’t use all of the cheese that it called for because holy-cheeseville-batman! 16oz of cheese? Lord! Since I used stewed tomatoes and not diced my ‘soup’ was more like chili. I wish I had one of those awesome hand-held emulsifiers because I definitely would have smoothed it out a bit more to make it more soupy. But, all in all, it was delicious!

Tip of the day: Make your own home-made chicken stock. It makes a world of a difference in recipes. I used mine from a month or so back (it has been frozen in portion-controlled zip-lock bags) and I think it helped make the perfect base. HIGHLY recommend. I will be making another batch some time this week and will be sure to write about it after!



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