Toddlers Long Romper {DIY Girls Clothes}

Kids clothes are just so darn cute! And, it’s really awesome that I can make Poppy wear whatever I want [for now] because she cannot tell me whether or not she like its, yet! I love girls clothes with all of their ruffles and frills and adorableness, but, I love outfits that don’t scream GIRLY. Does that even make sense? I’m just not a die-hard pink-fanatic. And I try to raise Poppy wearing a multitude of colors so that there is boy vs. girl colors issue.

Having said all of that, I decided to make Poppy a fun play-outfit. I’ve made her many dresses and ruffled-butt rompers but I wanted this to be a fun, easy, and playable outfit.

My inspiration:

 So I decided to give this design a shot. Since I didn’t have a pattern I just traced around the pants of this outfit to get the general size/dimensions/shape of it. If you tend to er on the side of caution than I would recommend tracing your inspiration piece onto muslin or simple duck-cotton so that way you’re not tracing it directly onto your chose patterned fabric; just in case of “oops” moments. I didn’t draw around the outfit but just cut around it. Again, use caution when doing so! And remember, add about 1″ to all sides to take into account hems & the loose fit. I used white cotton for the lining, gray & multicolored polka dot, and a coordinating gray & multicolored flower print. I lined the entire outfit (top & bottom) so that there’s no raw edges bothering Poppy. This step is not necessary. For the top I just used a previously used bodice pattern and changed it up a bit to make it different.

I cut 2 strips for the straps out of the bodice fabric. I did a basic tube, turned the right side-out and then did a top stitch. I tucked the straps inside the BACK side of the bodice and sewed them on. Than, I sewed the pieces together (bottom’s front w/ liner, bottoms back w/liner, etc.) I usually sew a 1/4″ hem so that it is easier to open & iron the seam in order to make more crisp lines. After each piece was sewn to their liner (4 pieces) I pressed the seams, trimmed, than turned right-side-out to press the seam crisp. Now we start sewing the pieces together. Sew the small sides of the bodice together. Sew the sides of the front & back pieces of the pants together, than the inseams. Do not sew the bottoms or the top. I ran the inner-seams through my serger so that there was no raw-hems. If you do not have a serger just use a zigzag stitch on your sewing machine. Press all seams. Now pin the bodice (inside out) to the top of the bottoms and sew. Turn right side out and press seams again. For the ankles I turned them up 1/4″ and sewing a simple hem. For the straps, I used the button-hole and button stitch on my machine. SO easy. If you don’t have that option or don’t want to use buttons you can use velcro. Check the fit on your little model. If it’s all good, the outfit is complete!

It fits!!!!



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