Colorful Easter Wreath {DIY Easter Egg Wreath}

This will be your quickest & easiest wreath, ever! I am not sure what my sudden obsession is with wreaths… or Holiday decorations in general. I’ve never been one to really like Holiday clutter but making all of these wreaths is just so fun!

For this wreath I used a ton of plastic Easter eggs from the $1 section of Target, a $1 twisted vine wreath from the Dollar Store, 1/4 yard of ribbon I had on hand, and hot glue. What a cheap project; I am already in love!

I started by hot gluing the large eggs in one layer around the wreath. They were a little annoying and took forever to dry in place so I had to hold them still until they didn’t fall off. And sidenote; I used the pretty metallic ones =)

After the first layer was complete I used the small metallic eggs (not the mini) and just randomly glued them around the wreath so that they filled it in. Once I was happy with the amount of eggs & their placement, I used a wired ribbon to tie a bow onto the wreath. You can do multiple or none at all. In order to hang it from my awesome 3M hook I just looped a yard of grosgrain ribbon onto the back, tied a knot, and hung it. Altogether I think it took me about 25 minutes from start to finish!

It is small & colorful & totally adorable.

Oh, and P.S. I always make my wreaths long enough so that the peep-hole is still functional.




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