Somewhere to Sit {DIY Seat Cushion}

Since I spend so much time out in my craft area I figured it would be nice for my tush to have a comfy place to sit. I use one of our extra kitchen table  bar stools out there which has a hard wooden seat that literally can be a pain in the butt!

I don’t have a pattern for this as I kinda just went with how I imagined it should be made in my head. I got lucky on this one! It went a little something like this;

Cut the foam to the general shape of the seat including diagonal corners so that it can be tied taught to the back of the chair without a major gap. *I used 2″ foam that was 1/2 yard*
Cut fabric about 1″ bigger than said cut piece of foam. I used the same fabric for both sides – about 1/2 yard each. I went with indoor/outdoor fabric so that it was durable and wouldn’t wear easily.

Cut strips of a different fabric roughly 2.5″ wide by the length of each of the edges *3 long edges, 1 medium length edge, and 2 short edges* Now, this is where the trickery began. I sewed all of the strips together according to the shape of the seat. That was easy. Now sewing that long strip to the top of the seat fabric with all of its corners and curves… tricky business! And, it had to be done twice since it has a top and a bottom – bleh!

After it is sewn, trim excess fabric off of the seams (inside) and iron the seams flat & open. Than turn it right-side-out and iron all seams so that they are crisp edges. Put it on the foam to check the size/shape. I had to trim the foam a bit at this point so that the stripes were only on the sides and it fit perfectly.

I realized once this part was done that I couldn’t just sew the backside on as that would be pretty difficult with the foam in there and I did not want to do a side with a top stitched edge (because why would I want to take the easy route…). So, I went with a zipper along the bottom edge connecting the strips (sides) to the bottom. I had an 18″ ivory zipper on hand so that is what I used. In all honesty, I have no idea how I did the zipper. It’s on & It is sturdy. And, correct even. But I just kinda threw it together. Once it’s on, curve the foam and shove it in there than flatten it out and straighten out the edges so it fits all around.

After this was done, I thought “Voila! DONE!”… except, NOT. I realized I forgot to add ties… Oh brother! I was not about to take this apart. So I improvised; I sewed on 2 ribbon ties on each side along one of the seams at the diagonal corners closest to the back of the chair.

NOW I could say “Voila! DONE!”. And I must admit, my booty is pretty comfy =)



Also, you can check out my other post to see a bigger version of a DIY Seat Cushion with an 18″ zipper.



7 thoughts on “Somewhere to Sit {DIY Seat Cushion}

    • pinsandpetals says:

      HI Amy, Each ribbon (4 altogether to keep the cushion from wiggling around) was about 24″. It needs to be long enough to be sewn on down the center (an X pattern would be best) and than tie around the back of the chair. The posts on my chairs were pretty thick, too. If you want a fancier bow, I’d add an additional 6″ to the ribbon. I was fine with just a nice knot. Hope that helps!

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