Chocolate Chip S’mores Cookies {Divine Yummyness!}

Let me start out by explaining one thing; I am OBSESSED with anything S’mores. I am not a huge fan of chocolate but I am a huge fan of marshmallows and graham crackers so it totally offsets the mediocre chocolate.

I found a delicious recipe on Pinterest ( ❤ ) and just HAD to make them last night. I followed the ingredients & method 100%, however, I don’t have a muffin-top pan so I just free-formed them on 2 cookie sheets. My only note: MORE MARSHMALLOWS! I don’t think there could be enough. But, you may opt for more chocolate or more graham cracker pieces. Adjust the top pieces according to preference.

They turned out amazing. They look pretty. They taste phenomenal. I ate 2. Aaaaaaaaand had to pry myself away from the plate before eating any more.

Enter Chocolate Chip S’mores Cookies….

COOKING TIP: This parchment paper is heaven-sent. I bought a few rolls from Costco when it was on sale after the Holidays but they may carry it at other locations. I use it for SO much. It doesn’t burn, it doesn’t stick, or peel, or leave a flavor or anything. It’s awesome!

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