Balloon Photo Booth {DIY Party Decor/Prop}

All of the planning, all of the prepping, a ton of crafts & one super delicious Hot Dog Cart vendor and your destined to have an awesome party. And, that we did!! Poppy’s Big Top birthday party was a blast. Good friends, good food, good times.

In order to keep the costs down I made a lot of the decorations & games myself. Some of them I had inspiration for and others I had to just wing-it. I want to share my favorite DIY project from the party. Sadly I didn’t take “in-progress” photos but I will do my best to list the materials & method used

Balloon Photo Booth
1. The tallest cardboard box you can find – I used a refrigerator box
2. Staple Gun, Tape, Hot glue or spray adhesive (I used a staple gun & tape but I am SURE a hot glue gun or spray adhesive would have helped!)
3. Wrapping paper – Wallpaper or fabric could work, too.
4. Ballooooooooooooooooons galore! (of all sizes)
5. Decorations – banner, signs, etc.
6. Props! Be creative. Make stuff. Use stuff around the house. These are for fun & goofy pictures so anything goes!

I stood the box up and used the flaps from one side as my “base” turning the flaps out to help it stay put. I was fortunate enough to be able to staple gun the flaps to the wood deck at its permanent location – I realize not everyone can do this so an alternate would be to use weights to keep it stable and in-place. I covered the outer & inner sides with wrapping paper from the Dollar Tree (Yay for cheap supplies!). Since the inside would be in photos I wanted it to be as cute as possible so I used polka dot wrapping paper (and also used it through out the party, too!). I didn’t think it was necessary to cover the back side as it would be covered with balloons, however, I wish I did because there will always be open spots and seeing the cardboard is ugly. By the way – I just used tape for the wrapping paper, however, spray adhesive would be amazing!

Most difficult part of the project; blowing up a gazillion balloons in order to cover the back panel of box! It is very helpful if you have a helium tank handy (yes, yes we do) but you still have to give those lungs a workout for the small balloons that are used for fillers. Fill the balloons (however you can – and NO, water isn’t recommended!) and staple gun the TIED part to the cardboard. Be careful not to staple the actual balloon! Put the big balloons up first and once you get a good coverage that you’re happy with use the small balloons to fill in the empty spots. I used rolled up pieces of tape to stick the balloons together if they weren’t staying tucked in.

I topped the photo booth with a super cute birthday banner but any type of decorations would work. I put a bucket next to the photo booth full of props; hats, glasses, wigs, jewelry, etc.

I would highly recommend doing the project wherever you want its permanent location to be as transferring can cause rips & balloon popping!



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