Tulle; Not just for tutus!

Sugar & Spice and everything nice; that’s what little girls are made of… and tulle tutus, of course! Tulle… you either love it, or, you hate it. Chances are if you have a daughter, you love it. I love it for all of it’s possibilities. Oh, and it’s cheapness! But don’t get me wrong; I hate it for its scratchiness and it’s tendency to ALWAYS find its way into my shopping cart at JoAnns.

If you follow me on Pinterest you may have seen the adorable tulle birthday wreath that I pinned into my “Crafts & DIY ideas”. I thought the wreath was super cute and it matches Poppy’s birthday tutu that I made her, plus, it was a great use of the multiple colors of tulle that I had already pre-cut & had left over from her tutu. I didn’t see directions on the original wreaths picture which was fine because I always put my own spin on everything anyways.

The only supply I was missing was a wreath. I frequent the Dollar Tree for the awesome craft supplies that I find there and my last trip was no exception! I found a 16″ vine wreath there! $1 for a 16″ vine wreath! Can you believe it!?! Yes, I realize that my excitement over a Dollar Tree vine wreath borderline ridiculous, but just admit it; you think it is a stellar deal, too! After getting my $1 wreath(!!) home and attempting to tie the tulle around it I realized that you could still see the twisted vines underneath and I didn’t really like that. So, I decided to first cover the wreath in yarn. I used just a cheap yellow yarn that I already had. I didn’t use anything fancy because it would just be a base and soon be covered in oodles and oodles of tulle. I wrapped the yarn around the wreath and every couple of inches I hot-glued the yarn to the wreath to ensure that it was on securely and didn’t unravel at any point.
*WARNING*: Be very careful using a hot glue-gun especially if it is like mine and a very high-temperature one. My poor skin was sizzled in multiple areas. OUCH!
*TIP*: If you can get a standard foam wreath than the yarn step isn’t necessary. It is nice to have it as a background/base color which helps your tulle colors pop & so you do not see the green-foam (or in this case, the vines) through the tulle, but, it is not  really necessary.

Once the $1 wreath was covered with yarn I began the tulle-tying. And yes, from this point forward I will stop flaunting the wreaths price when I refer to it 🙂 The left over tulle that I had from Poppy’s tutu was cut into 15″ strips. I used this method of cutting tulle which is a time-saver like you wouldn’t believe. I keep multiple pieces of cardboard labeled for different lengths (13″, 15″, 18″). If you are cutting your tulle fresh for this project than I would recommend doing 13″ tulle strips as I ended up cutting off a lot of length off the tulle once it was tied onto the wreath. But, you may find that you like the 15″ length. Perhaps do a couple of test strips to see which length you prefer. I did a basic left-over-right double-knot. You could also do the loop tie as if you were making a tutu, however, I wanted tulle on both sides of the wreath so that didn’t work for me. I did 2 strips of each color next to each other to ensure that the colors really popped and were all visible. Sometimes if you alternate 1 of each color some colors get hidden a bit. Knot the tulle all the way around and make it as loose or as tight as you’d prefer.

As you can see in the bottom picture (above) I felt that the wreath looked a bit over-grown so I trimmed it up quite a bit to give it a more structured and put together look. Well, as much as a wreath full of tulle can 😉 I felt like the tulle needed a little something still. I didn’t want to add the “Poppy is” wooden letters onto the wreath with interchangeable ages dangling in the center because I wanted this wreath to be able to be used for other birthdays, too! Maybe not the hubs, but, I would gladly hang it for my own or another babes birthday down the road!  I took a trip to my ribbon organizer and clipped some fun & colorful ribbons to tie onto the wreath to add some color, a different texture, and a pattern, too!

Once the wreath was completed I hung it with a piece of grosgrain ribbon and made sure that the length was long enough so that the peep-hole was still useful.

This fun birthday wreath is proudly hanging on our front door in celebration of Poppy’s 1st Birthday which is already next week!!!

*SIDENOTE* As I am looking at this picture I think I may add some more ribbon that might stand out a bit more like the flowers/hearts/frog print on the white background.



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