From boring to birthday-fabulous

I cannot believe my little Seed is going to be a year old in 2 weeks. Wow has the time flown by! In preparation for her big day, Poppy has a photo-shoot with the oh-so-fabulous Amanda Rachelle Photography on Saturday (pictures to come, soon!). The photo-shoot needed to be amazing so I decided to make some props. First on the list for her shoot was a fancy & colorful high chair. I love old wooden high chairs; they have so much potential and can be changed up as often as you want! I found a great deal on Craigslist ($15 for a great condition all-wood high chair!!!) and the project began.

First step was lightly sanding the chair to prep it for paint. I also cut off the safety belt.
NOTE: I cut off the safety belt as this will be used for a photo prop & for her birthday cake at her party ONLY. Do not remove the safety belt if this will be your day-to-day high chair.

After sanding it down I brushed off all of the dust with a dry cloth so that I could remove all of the debris. I spray-painted the chair as it is 1) easiest, 2) quickest, and 3) CHEAPEST. If you prefer hand painting you could do that, too, but would take longer & extra coats to ensure there are no brush-strokes. I opted for a lime green spray paint. The color is bright & girly but a little different – my favorite style. I sprayed a very light first coat & let it dry for about 6 hours. Than I did a second coat that was a bit heavier. Let it dry. Than did my last & final heavy coat. I checked it out in different lights to make sure I didn’t miss any spots, too. I did not put a clear finishing coat on the chair as, again, this won’t be our normal high chair so therefore the paint sustainability isn’t a concern for me. But if you want to use the chair daily, definitely do a final top coat. You can choose between a satin or matte finish, too! Oh, and I highly recommend Home Depot for spray paint – it’s the cheapest around!
TIP OF THE DAY: Never paint in the sun. Painting in the sun can cause the paint to bubble (temperature blisters), dry inadequately and peel, and, because of the brightness you cannot get a good view of the true color & coverage. I prefer painting in the garage on newspaper with ample lighting and ventilation. 

At this point I was done painting and ready for decorating! I love the banners that are popular right now but I wanted to do a fun little spin of my own, of course! I decided to make a bright & colorful fabric banner and to use corded piping in orange and jumbo rick rack in lime green. Both found at Joanns. To make the banner I could have easily cut triangles out of the fabric by hand but why would I do that when I have an awesome Cricut Expression to use that can do it all for me & perfectly?? I borrowed the “Tie the Knot” cartridge from my dear sister which has the banner on there. I measured the table of the chair & decided that 6″ banner triangles would allow for 7 different fabrics and to fit perfectly around with no gaps. To prep the fabric I cut 6×6″ pieces and ironed on iron-on stabilizer which is the key to cutting fabric with the Cricut. I find that the fabric is cut better when you remove the paper backing and put the slick-side down on the Cricut mat. I cut out 7 different banner triangles with scalloped trim on the maximum blade pressure. You can also use a deep-cut blade on medium pressure. If you do not have a Cricut I recommend making one template and using that for all of the fabrics so that they are all perfectly shaped. Also, using the stabilizer helps to prevent fraying of the fabric as I would not be finishing the edges with a hem or serge.
Tip: Lay out your fabrics & finishing touches so that you can get an idea of the final look and so you can decide on the lay-out of your fabric patterns/colors. 

Once they were all cut I used my VERY HOT (see finger-burn… OUCH!) mini iron so that I didn’t adhere the banner pieces to anything but the corded piping. To ensure they were on durably I also ran it through the sewing machine with a basic stitch. Once the banner was secured to the piping I added the rick rack for a fun pop of color to finish it off. I just hot-glued it on. After the banner was completed I measured the middle of the high chair and then hot-glued the banner onto the high chair.

And VOILA! A very bright & beautiful high chair is complete!

If you do not have a Cricut but would like a banner of your own (in any size/colors) I would be happy to make one for you!



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