Where the Crafts Happen

We all have our special areas of our home; a comfortable chair, the kitchen table, curled up on the couch, etc. I find that I am most at ease when I am in my crafting area. Of course, I do love cuddling up with Poppy on her rocking chair, but, my crafting space is MY space. It’s my Poppy-free zone. My sanctuary. My play-pandora-at-any-volume space. I must admit; I envy those who have extra space or bedrooms to convert in their house with temperature control because the garage gets HOT & it get’s COLD… seldom is there a comfortable temperature. Regardless of where your area is or how big the space is, make it your own. Organize it. Stock it. Decorate it. Make it YOUR area – you won’t regret it, I promise!  You’ll notice that I spend my time in 3 areas; the kitchen, my craft area, and the family room floor with The Seed. I thought that I would share my craft space with you so that you can see how I like to keep things stocked & organized. As with most things for me, this space is always a work-in-progress. I have to finish painting, finish organizing some areas, re-organizing, adding new supplies and all of that. But I love what it has become and I REALLY love where it is going & what I get out of it… mostly because of what I put into it!

Stay tuned for the next post with some of my favorite items & must-have things!



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